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  • Creston Community Forest

Creston Community Forest Trail Etiquette

1. Dirtbikes and Quads are not permitted on any Community Forest Trails designated as non-motorized.

2. Important Notice: No Motorcycles Allowed on the Pack Trail

To protect the safety of all trail users, motorcycles are not permitted on the Pack Trail. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our trails safe and enjoyable for everyone!

3. Leash Up! Dogs Must Be on Their Leash

A friendly reminder to all dog owners using the Pack Trail: please keep your furry friends on a leash. This helps protect wildlife, other trail users, and ensures everyone can enjoy the trail safely.

4. Yield to Horses

When encountering horses on the Pack Trail, please yield the right of way. Horses can be easily spooked by sudden movements or loud noises, so approach them calmly and give them plenty of space to pass.

* Also, please do not take down the signs at each trailhead or in the trailhead Kiosks.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Hiking!


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