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  • Creston Community Forest

Douglas-fir Beetle Traps

As part of our forest health strategy, we are setting up funnel trap sites on Goat Mountain to collect the Douglas-fir Bark Beetle. Please do not disturb the traps.

Our methods and reasons for this project are listed below.

The traps have attractants on them that lure the flying beetles into the trap instead of to a Douglas-fir tree.

They fall into the cup at the bottom and are collected, counted and disposed of throughout the summer.

This data is then shared with the Ministry of Forests Selkirk Resource District stewardship team to aid in management decisions and guidance in the annual forest health strategy for Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Area.


1. Angela French, Planning and Development Supervisor, for the Creston Community Forest next to one of the installed traps.

2. Traps set in infected area on Goat Mountain.


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