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  • Creston Community Forest

Arrow Creek Wildfire Risk Reduction

The Community Forest's Wildfire Risk Reduction work includes areas in Arrow Creek. A photo of the Macaulay Forestry work crew in the Arrow Creek treatment area and a second photo showing a broad view of our site.

After a forest stand is thinned by logging, work crews will clean up and dispose of the debris by hand piling and burning.

Historically, many areas throughout the Creston Valley would have periodically burned. Fires were caused by lightning or First Nations using cultural burning practices on the landscape which is once again being introduced. You may have seen the prescription burn conducted jointly with the Lower Kootenay Band and BC Wildfire Service along highway 21 on March 18th.

However, the province's fire suppression program formed in the early 1900's allowed many areas throughout BC to develop dense, thick stands with abundant underbrush. We are now seeing a shift from that towards province wide Wildfire Risk Reduction programs.


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