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Managing Our Community Forest

for Future Generations

Nestled between the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains, we are a not-for-profit forest corporation managing the Creston Community Forest.  Our focus is forest management, education, recreation and community resiliency for future generations.


Creston Community Forest

What is a Community Forest?

A Community Forest is an area-based forest tenure awarded by government to communities to enhance their local control over forest management. Community forests create local jobs and keep profits within the community.


We manage over 21,000 hectares of land with primary objectives to promote a healthy, sustainable community forest ecosystem, while fostering a thriving timber industry that benefits the entire Creston Community.

Creating local jobs, supporting industries, and generating revenue that directly benefits our community, our goal is to create a resilient, sustainable forest for our community to enjoy and engage the next generation of stewards who will shape the future of our forests.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Committed to managing our community forest for future generations: innovative and sustainable logging, preserving healthy forests, continuous  recreational and employment benefits, wildlife habitat enhancement, and wildfire risk reduction.


Dedicated to expanding the concepts of a healthy forest: benefits of a healthy ecosystem, innovative techniques used in forestry, biodiversity, wildlife and watersheds, and our need to sustain healthy practices in the forest.



Creating safe spaces to enhance your hiking experience: bridge development, trailhead kiosk with maps, developed trails, lookout points, maintenance on existing trails, over 35 kilometres of trails and planning for future trails.

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