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Trail Building & Maintenance 2019 News & Updates

This summer, the community forest has been working on maintaining and developing a new recreational trail system on Mount Thompson! The pre-existing trails, Thompson Pack and Thompson Rotary, have undergone trail maintenance and are now ready for summer hiking. This includes freshly regraded switchbacks, thinned out areas with thick vegetation, as well as two brand new bridges crossing Sullivan Creek.

As of July 5th 2019, the trail crew has finished opening up one of our newest trails – The Sullivan Creek Trail. This one-way 10 km trail will provide access to new proposed trails that will connect with two of our pre-existing trails on Mount Thompson – the Thompson Pack and Thompson Rim Trails!

Current trail construction is underway on one of the proposed trails that will connect two switchbacks along the Sullivan Creek Trail. Current and proposed trails are open to all forms of non-motorized traffic, and provide great access to outdoor recreation nearby town!

If you are interested in helping us develop these trails, stay tuned for upcoming volunteer-run work bees with the Community Forest!

Our summer 2019 trail crew standing on the newly built bridge over Sullivan Creek. From left to right: Brendan (summer student), Chelsea (summer student), and Greg (trail supervisor)


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