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We focus on creating resilient forests that can thrive in changing conditions driven by climate change. Our silviculture practices prioritize ecosystem-based management, ensuring that future stands are well-suited to their growing conditions and highly resilient.

To enhance the forest's resilience, we incorporate a diverse range of tree species that are naturally adapted to each site's specific conditions. This includes both commercially viable and non-commercially viable species, resulting in a higher species diversity and a forest that goes beyond pure production goals.

We also consider the site's natural disturbance regime when developing silvicultural prescriptions. By mimicking natural disturbances like an occasional windfall, we apply selective harvesting systems that the forest is best adapted to. This approach promotes the growth of diverse tree species and age classes, ensuring the long-term health of our timber resources for future generations.

Through our silviculture practices, we not only care for the timber resources in our operational area but also create forests that are resilient and well-prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.


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