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What We Are Reading This Week

Here's what we are reading this week. Grab a coffee and read an interesting yet alarming analytical projection for the Forest Industry. Feel free to share it with those in the industry.

B.C. forestry industry is dealing with death by a thousand cuts.

By 2035, the sector could be less than half the size it was in 2005, according to analysts.

By Nelson Bennett | October 31, 2023, 3:30pm

"In 2022, B.C. metallurgical coal exports totaled $11.9 billion, followed by natural gas at $7.7 billion and lumber in third place at $7.3 billion, according to BC Stats. That is a reflection of both of higher prices for coal and natural gas, and lower lumber prices and falling production.


And if projections made by forest sector analysts David Elstone and Jim Girvan prove right, B.C.’s forestry industry will be much smaller a decade from now.

The industry’s decline has a lot to do with the Mountain pine beetle epidemic. It has created a timber famine, but first it created a feast......"


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