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The Sullivan Creek Trail History and Experience

The Sullivan Creek Trail. HISTORY: Also called the Pack Trail, built in the 1920’s to ascend to the fire lookout located on the top of Mount Thompson. Sullivan Creek Trail is a decommissioned logging road spurring off of the 2km point on Mt. Thompson Forest Service Road.

EXPERIENCE: This trail provides hikers, runners, bikers, and horseback riders with a 10 km back-country adventure along beautiful alder and cedar-hemlock forests. Not only does this trail serve as a lovely day hike, but it also provides non-motorized users access to our hiking trails that spur off of the Sullivan Creek Trail’s switchbacks.

One of the trails that spurs off the Sullivan Creek Trail is the West Ridge Trail. It allows hikers access from the 4km switchback up the Sullivan Creek Trail all the way to the top of Mount Thompson, eventually connecting hikers to the Thompson Rim Trail.

This trail will run up and along the western face of Mount Thompson, and passes through multiple scenic viewpoints, as well as beautiful old growth forests.

Photo: The person seated in the photo is taken at the top of Mt. Thompson.


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