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Fuel Reduction Project – Currently Happening on Goat Mountain

The Creston Community Forest was recently approved for $670,000.00 of provincial funding from the Forest Enhancement Society of BC for wildfire reduction projects. This funding is a multi-year wildfire risk reduction project that is scheduled to occur on Goat Mountain and in Arrow Creek. Funding for a pilot project at the base of Thompson Mountain in Canyon, BC was fully funded by the Community Forest in 2018/2019 and involved spacing the tree canopy and removing the dense understory in order to help mitigate the spread of wildfire to the area.

Goat Mountain currently poses the greatest threat of wildfire to Creston and surrounding areas given its proximity to the town and will be the next area of focus. The intent of the multi-year project is to reinforce existing fuel breaks on either side of the Goat Mountain forestry road and the hydro power line. This will be achieved by creating a buffer on either side of these features where half of the tree canopy will be removed, as well as the dense underbrush. The result will be a more open stand that will help mitigate the spread of wildfire, if it occurs.

Approximately 130 hectares on the north and west sides of Goat Mountain are planned for treatment and will be completed this coming winter and spring. We ask that you exercise caution when travelling along the Goat Mountain Forest Service Road as operations are scheduled to occur up until March 2020.

Please contact the Community Forest office at 250-402-0070 for more information or if you have any questions.


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