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  • Creston Community Forest

A Reintroduction to Who We Are

It's been a while since we posted, so let's reintroduce ourselves. Our goal as a not-for-profit is always about Our Community, Your Forest.

We focus on the important principles of Managing Our Community Forest Now for Future Generations with three key guiding components: 1. Recreation. 2. Education 3. Wildfire.

Through the month and moving forward, you will find us on social media sharing more of what we do, how we help and who we are. We will introduce you to each of our local team members, contractors and board members over the next few months to put local faces to who we are rather than just a logo.

We certainly look forward to sharing more about how we support youth, Creston and the forest: our community.

Our Mission: “To be outstanding stewards, managing forest resources for environmental sustainability and economic stability while providing education and recreation opportunities in the Creston Valley.”

Thank you for following along with us as we move forward!


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