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Bear Aware & Hands On Spray Class with WildSafe BC

That's a wrap! Ten community members joined our lunch hour 'Bear Aware & Spray" class, presented by Nadia from BC Wild Safe. We had such great feed back about hosting it. One community member wants us to host it for their organization next spring. A big safe win for our community.

We would like to thank all participants for joining us. We also would like to thank Nadia who makes this class not only informative and hands-on but keeps the topic exciting and interactive. Nadia's presentation style seems natural on the topics of the environment and wildlife-human interaction. THANK YOU.

If you missed this class and would like to know more about another date, Nadia will be at Creston's Farmers' Market tomorrow from 11am-1pm. Stop by and say hi.

Some topics that were highlighted: * where to carry your spray while hiking and why. * where to discard your bear spray if it is used or expired. * how to tell if your spray is expired. * what are the signs of an aggravated bear. * why male black bears are the unexpected bear to make contact. * why creating a spray wall works. and so much more!


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